Course details

Lunch ~ Primo (pasta course) ~ 【weekday only】

2500 Yen

  • 1persons-
Reservation deadline
Until 12 o'clock on the day of visit to the store

【Weekdays only】 Pasta to choose from 5 kinds of appetizers, 3 kinds (2 to 2 share of pasta with half & half OK) Please enjoy today's dessert.

Course menu

【Example menu】

■ Recommended chef appetizers 5 kinds of platter

※ The content is an example

· Burrata cheese from Puglia

· Fresh fish carpaccio

· Okinawa Prefecture Ago Pig's Riet

· Small shrimp and lentils salad

· Mortadella

■ Homemade bread

■ Pasta to choose (You can choose from 3 different menu on the day)

※ Half & half of 2 types share is also possible for 2 people or more

※ The content is an example

· Pepperoncino spaghetti with chicken and spring cabbage

· Fly roe · Olive tomato sauce Penne

· Light cream sauce spaghetti with Scallops and French dandelions

* Dinner is the most popular

In case you wish to change "Lion shrimp with fruit shrimp and cherry tomato ring inn"

Advance reservation + 2000 yen (tax included) "Pasta 80 g" will be accepted.

(Reference: 3200 yen at dinner (by tax))

■ Dessert

· Today's dessert

■ Cafe after meal (refillable)

※ Cappuccino and espresso will only receive 1st cup at +100 yen.

2018/12/25 update