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【Xmas2018】 Cheers Champagne - New! X Christmas Lunch menu

【Xmas2018】 Cheers Champagne - New! X Christmas Lunch menu

6500 yen

  • 2-8persons
Reservation deadline
Until 12 o'clock on the day of visit to the store

【Xmas2018】 Toasts Champagne - Nice! Christmas Lunch menu spending time with important people in the sophisticated space of Kagurazaka!

Course menu

【Xmas2018】 ※ All dishes are an example.

■ Toast Bowl with Champagne (※ 1 cup per person)

※ If you wish non-alcoholic drinks a glass of your choice

■ Attached (Amuse)

Smoked scallops and roucora mousse added

~ Orange sauce tailoring ~

■ Assortment of five starter dishes

■ Pasta ※ You can choose from the following. Half & half of the share from 2 people is also possible.

· Home made homemade Tagliatelle Porcini sauce

· Homemade homemade short pasta or risotto (tomato base OR cheese base)

■ Main (fish dish or meat dish) ※ Please choose from the following in advance.

· Saga beef roast black truffle sauce

~ Aya vegetables ~

· Today's fresh fish, clams, mussels zipper di pesche

~ Aya vegetables ~

■ Dolce

Assorted Xmas special dessert

■ Petit Fool and Cafe

※ The menu is only an example. Menu may change depending on purchasing situation

※ We will charge the cancellation fee as follows. 50% before 2 days ago · 100% on the day

* Please understand beforehand that it will be subject to the cancellation fee in case of changing the number of people.

2018/12/25 update